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Niki Buckno.
23 years old, Oregonian, femme feminist.
PNCA graduate, illustration bfa
passion for dogs, art, comics, fashion, science fiction, miscillanious general geekery
my best friends are my italian greyhound-chihuahua mix and my wardrobe

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Abused my last day of break by playing the shit out of the sims~ I forgot to take any screenshots though *^*

played my alien-fairy family, eldest child aged up to a teen, the youngest who was a toddler aged up, and they had another baby~ who i got past the annoying larva stage by buying a cake because fuck no i ain’t sittin through that

all girls, so far all green and with the alien eyes? idk if that’s just the alien’s genetics being set as more dominant or something or if i’m just “lucky”. i want at least one cute tan baby, come on u_u

vibrantx: i've seen you talk about sims 3 before... do you mod your game? what are your favorite ones, if so?? (:

I only really mod my game with CAS stuff and patterns. I do have one “real mod” (as in not hair or new default skins/eyes) and that’s this one for more tattoo locations and i think without it i’d be really sad.

i also have this one to replace all the weird-ass default paintings with actual art, and she has a list of the artists at the bottom n’ stuff. so while i feel kinda weird that some of this may be used without their knowledge at least they’re acknowledged? and she’ll also tell you who did any piece you’re wondering about specifically too which is nice.

well this sims family is gonna be somethin
I finally had a few male alien sims visit my fairy’s home, but they were all elders and I didn’t really want to have her marry an elder sim that would either die soon or I would have to hack to not do so or whatever, sounded tedious. So I finally just gave up and had her get romantically involved with one, drink a potion guy to increase her chance of having a baby/twins/triplets, tried for baby, then kicked him out and had her break up with him.
THEN, the day after her baby bump shows up, an adult aged space cutie with good traits shows up.
I moved him in and am gonna get them together.
It all works out I guess? Baha

I’m finally letting myself play sims and I’m so fucking determined to have this legacy start with this fairy and an alien but ONLY LADY ALIENS EVER VISIT
dramatic collapse

snow angels *0*

yeah yeah instagramming more screenshots of this sim cause she’s cute

yeah yeah instagramming more screenshots of this sim cause she’s cute

where do you get all of your lovely Sims3 mods? *_*

literally everywhere, but i don’t have the patience to check individual sites very often so I just troll around on this website really often because they post EVERYTHING

i also buy shit from the store sometimes because some of it is really great ok

oh and i made an elf-y lady sim just for fun because i finally downloaded some sliders to make pointy ears

also look how cute Ace is as a child i mean sHIT

oh and cute homework boys