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Niki Buckno.
23 years old, Oregonian, femme feminist.
PNCA graduate, illustration bfa
passion for dogs, art, comics, fashion, science fiction, miscillanious general geekery
my best friends are my italian greyhound-chihuahua mix and my wardrobe

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reblacked the hair, time to eat a huge burrito #me #gpoy

reblacked the hair, time to eat a huge burrito #me #gpoy

aw bb-blush tagged me in a 5 things about yourself thing so here you go! i am bad at these but i’ll try to keep ‘em interesting

  1. I take such pride in being “the tiny one” in most groups that whenever I see a person shorter than me part of my brain automatically goes “HOW DARE YOU” like i own being short or something it’s kinda ridiculous
  2. every time someone asks me about my degree and I say “it’s a bfa in illustration” they always say “aw nice what do you wanna do with it?” and i trip over my words for like a hundred years because theres just so many things! i wanna do comics n concept art n design fabrics n just do commissions n do article illustrations and i just wanna do everything can i please do everything
  3. i get so unreasonably scared of things that are just Normal Adult Things like spending money you earned on stuff that you need especially. like buying food makes me die sometimes. especially eating anywhere, even if it’s like a five dollar sandwich. instant death.
  4. i played soooooo many horror games as a kid but now that a lot of them are first person I’ve turned into a giant weenie and can’t play them alone anymore (I used to fall asleep to the Silent Hill OSTs like kid me was pretty metal)
  5. I used to be the biggest perpetrator of girl hate (especially fictional girl hate) i ever knew until I went to college and now i will defend 90% of female characters in anything TO THE DEATH it doesn’t matter if they’re good or evil or whatever they’re my babies all of them

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS ADVENTURE IN RUN ON SENTENCES! a sixth fact would probably be that i like to try to type how I imagine my voice sounding. and i only bother with proper caps like 60% of the time.

hmm hmm i tag hannahbelle-lecter, myfuckingchocolatefactory, craftykittykatie, misandryad, uxoriosis and I WANNA TAG KAYTI BUT I CANT SEEM TO REMEMBER HER USERNAME wow im an assbutt

hey look my profiles are twinning

hey look my profiles are twinning

My life



being “cute” is really hard because even when youre angry people just kinda giggle at you and say “aw youre so cute when youre angry.” no. stop. recognize my power. image

best gif use ever 

its still fucking adorable 

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Some dumb recent snapchat selfies feat. my dog and my bedhead

#ootd for going to the beach with my mom & my jim! I hurt my lip last night, hence scab 😧

#ootd for going to the beach with my mom & my jim! I hurt my lip last night, hence scab 😧

I’m feeling the “needs more tattoos” itch pretty bad today

I’m feeling the “needs more tattoos” itch pretty bad today
plaid everything forever please #ootd