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Niki Buckno.
23 years old, Oregonian, femme feminist.
PNCA graduate, illustration bfa
passion for dogs, art, comics, fashion, science fiction, miscillanious general geekery
my best friends are my italian greyhound-chihuahua mix and my wardrobe

a combo art blog/style blog/personal blog/reblog-blog.

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got a new gold pen, started using it on pretty much everything

I have WAY TOO MUCH COOL STUFF just sitting around my room at my mom’s house, and I think it deserves a good home! I’ve just been sitting on a bunch of prints I made in the print studio at my old school & some zines with an excellent variety of art from mid ‘12 to mid ‘13, full color, with an original doodle on the back of each!

EVERYTHING PICTURED IS $15 EACH! Shipping within the US is $5, everywhere else is $8.


I really need some more money for my new computer so I can make EVEN MORE ART for all of you guys to consume and enjoy! The proceeds will also help me make things like prints, and help me make products for my first ever convention appearance next year!

a note about the first screen prints pictured: they are a varied edition and every one is different. you may not request which you receive, but you may request which color of paper. the options are white, blue-grey, and pink.

please send all questions/orders to with the subject “15 dollar cleanout”. Thank you!!

I have some zines and traditional prints that I desperately need to get rid of but don’t want to relist on etsy, would anyone be interested? I’m gonna make a big post of them probably tomorrow, also probably do a buy 2 get free shipping deal… there’s a lot of variety, they’ll be marked down a little from my original ask price, I’ll include a small sketch and a business card and post card when I mail them? I could just really use the money and also don’t want all of these things just sitting around anymore.
does that sound interesting to you? I’ll finalize stuff and take photos tomorrow

new post

did a cute digital commission today! a little scorpio monster boy with a pink teddy~ aw

did a cute digital commission today! a little scorpio monster boy with a pink teddy~ aw

hey look my profiles are twinning

hey look my profiles are twinning

Sailor Moon Crystal scene redraw, from episode 4. look ma, I can draw boys!

I had so much fun doing this but I always forget how terrible my computer desk setup is and my back is slayin’ me.

ur love ur love ur love is my drug

i love this paper but i hate scanning it because I have to do it four times and stitch ‘em all together! oh well.

something i did for fun based on something i did in my sketchbook like, 2 years ago? pretty much an elaborate redraw. I feel like they’re probably goddesses, or muses or something.

also two little detail crops just for you~

ink always feels a little bit like magic #art #workinprogress #painting #brushpen