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Niki Buckno.
23 years old, Oregonian, femme feminist.
PNCA graduate, illustration bfa
passion for dogs, art, comics, fashion, science fiction, miscillanious general geekery
my best friends are my italian greyhound-chihuahua mix and my wardrobe

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i don’t get wincest

i mean besides the fact fandoms ship any and every combo of hot guys

it just kinda makes me feel weird that every time two people show emotion toward each other that means they want to bone?

i must want to have sex with my mother and all of my friends by that logic i mean YOU GUYSSSSSSSS

but really whatever floats your boat, i don’t find myself shipping much of anything that isn’t blatantly cannon on some level besides sugarless gum so i’m not one to talk i suppose

i genuinely wouldn’t mind someone explaining the appeal to me tho

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

16 notes
  1. onlyalostgirl said: OH.MY.GOD. THANK YOU! It drives me crazy that everything must be shipped. Like Arthur and Eames from Inception or Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. I dont understand how two men having some witty banter or doing something nice is grounds for sex sex sex.
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    because sam and dean are more than just brothers. their entire lives revolve around each other in an incredibly...
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    because guilt terrible, incestuous guilt
  5. somberkind said: Some shippers be cray cray
  6. quickflint said: There is no other reason than the fact that their relationship is some how appealing to horny teenagers who like to imagin them having feels for eachother than having hot sweaty man on man sex.
  8. imnotgaybut20dollarsis20dollars said: BECAUSE OF REASONS, OBVIOUSLY.
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